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Voice over IP has become synonymous in the consumer press with Internet Telephony, which allows cheap or free phone calls for consumers and small businesses over their Internet connection. While the above is indeed a possibility, the implications for business are far more profound than lower cost, variable quality phone calls!

Simply put, Voice over IP allows you to do more for less. Rendering traditional PBX systems obsolete, VoIP PBX units offer increased flexibility and functionality, often delivering impressive cost and call quality advantages in the process.

Advantages of a Voip Telephone system

  • Increased functionality – Includes hunt groups, night mode, IVR, hot desking, TAPI integration and more.
  • Consolidated communications – voicemail and fax notifications via email ensure that you’re always in touch.
  • Scalable – suits 2-2000 users. New users added via intuitive web based interface, simply plug in the handset and go.
  • Increased reliability – compatible with both broadband and ISDN lines to remove single point of failure.
  • Flexible implementation – use broadband or ISDN lines, or a combination of both.
  • High call quality – route external calls over ISDN for those times when quality matters.
  • Reduced call costs – route some or all calls over the internet to reduce call costs. Internal calls are free.
  • Remote/home working – users can answer calls, pick up voicemail, phone from the office number even when off site.
  • Lower implementation cost – IP PBX simply connects to existing office data network, greatly reducing implementation costs.
  • Freedom of choice – wide variety of handsets to suit every purpose under the VoIPCortex Approved initiative.
  • Instantly familiar and useable – VoIP handsets bear remarkable similarity to analogue telephones.

With cost effective solutions available for SMBs and enterprise, IP based PBXs can allow flawless and flexible communication without sacrificing reliability.



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